Women’s Health Month: May Challenge Week Four

May 24, 2021

It’s Women’s Health Month! 

The American Urological Association and the Urology Care Foundation have challenged women to commit to making choices that are not only great for their overall health, but that are especially great for women’s urologic health!

And men, just so you know, these challenges are not just for women! They apply to you too, so join us!

Austin Urology Institute is accepting the challenge!

This month, there are four weekly “Get Up and Go” challenges to improve your urologic health. Each week, we will post a blog with your weekly challenge. Here’s your challenge for week four! If you’ve been following us every week, you’ve met your last challenge!

Get Up and Go, Week Four: Get Up and Go Relax!

We know, this seems counterintuitive… Get up and go relax??

The truth is, most of us don’t take the time to get up from work, family, or other things that keep us busy throughout the day and focus on self-care and relaxation. And yes, this does affect not only general health, but urologic health as well. For example, some research suggests that mindful meditation can actually reduce the frequency and urgency of overactive bladder episodes.

So, what does relaxing look like?

  • Meditation. It can help calm the body and mind. There are many apps and websites that can teach you and guide you through short meditations, including mindful meditation practices.
  • Mindful daily practices. Can’t sit still for a mediation? Mindful practices including walking, cooking, and almost any other activity that can be done easily. All a mindful practice means is allowing your mind to focus solely on the action you are doing in the moment without distraction.
  • Yoga. Yoga is a great way to get some physical activity, stretching, relaxation, and meditation all at once. Don’t have a gym to go to? Don’t worry. Many websites and apps will take you through various lengths and skill levels of yoga.
  • Logging off. Put down your phone or device and turn off your TV and radio. Five to ten minutes of quiet without distraction can help calm your mind. Try a “no phone rule” for five minutes each morning and five minutes before bed.
  • Sleep! Yes, sleep is relaxing and a big part of self-care. It’s recommended to get a solid six to eight hours of sleep a night to regenerate your body and let it rest.

That concludes the Get Up and Go Challenge for Women’s Health Month! As always, be sure to contact us if you are experiencing any urological issues.