5 Small Ways to Live Large In Your 30’s

April 4, 2019

An Important Milestone

Are you at the awkward age, of say, your late 30’s (give or take)?

This particular juncture might feel a bit like being on the cusp of something. You might find yourself reflecting and planning with equal intensity. To quote a passage of ancient wisdom from the I Ching:

“Look at the whole course that is trodden, and examine the presage which it gives. If it be complete and without failure, there will be great good fortune.”

No ancient oracle is required to confirm a sense that you may need to speed up, slow down, or change lanes all together. Do you feel behind schedule, still uncertain of what you want to do when you grow up? Or, have you ticked off all the boxes in a linear fashion, only to feel as though there might be something missing?

Life’s complicated, and things get hectic, but there are some small things you can do to get a handle on it.

Small Thing #1: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.

If you’re prone to the unproductive habit of comparing yourself to your peers, stop. Okay; a tiny bit of comparison might be healthy. It can be positive to take a cue from a friend whose style you secretly admire while your “casual” wardrobe consists entirely of two t-shirts, ill-fitting jeans, and running shoes. Just sayin’.

You might, (and probably do) compare yourself to your sibling who actually takes time to call your mom regularly, and really listen to what she has to say. Again, you might want to take a cue, but be careful lest you judge yourself. You are a completely, (I repeat), completely different person than your brother/sister.

Comparison is unhelpful, and leads, at turns, to feeling superior, self-righteous, inadequate, envious, morose and moribund. Moreover, it’s a ruse; a complete distraction from the work at hand. Your life.

Small Thing #2: Create a Personal Budget

This is obvious, and so easy. Why aren’t you doing it? Kudos if you are. Otherwise, you can open up a spreadsheet and start from scratch, or explore a free or inexpensive budgeting app. There’s no such thing as having too little, or too much money to create a budget. But, there’s immense freedom in having a handle on it.

Remember to include things like your phone, Amazon Prime, Netflix, medical and dental costs, dry cleaning, and any costs associated with travel and transportation. Ditto, cocktails, dining out, and entertainment.

Small Thing #3: Get Enough Sleep

Anything worth doing in life is worth doing on enough sleep. So far, there’s been nothing invented that replaces it.

You’re not in your 20’s. You might notice that your body and brain have something to say about it when you try to pull an all-nighter of any sort, or go to work on just a few hours sleep. That second wind is not guaranteed to kick in, and a chronic lack of sleep will start to take a toll on your health. It can age your body and your brain. Things you don’t want on the cusp of turning 40.

If you have persistent problems sleeping, you need to fix them. AUI Men’s Wellness has a sleep specialist on staff who can help you get to the bottom of things so that you’re sleeping like a little kid again; all tucked in and cozy.

Small Thing #4: Maintain Your Machinery

If you’re overweight, suffer from allergies, low energy and/or things are not going as well as they should “down there”, we have the expertise to help. Led by Austin urologist, Dr. Koushik Shaw, The Austin Urology Institute is the premier destination for wellness and men’s fitness. We offer genomic testing, nutrition consulting, meal plans, and endocrine and allergy testing. We also specialize in low testosterone and successfully treat low libido and ED. We connect the dots to create a comprehensive and personalized health map to keep you in top form.

Small Thing #5: Listen to Yourself

Deep down, we know what we want. If you’re not already into some form of meditation or mindfulness, try starting with just two minutes each day closing your eyes, and turning off that conversation in your head. It’s hard at first, but worth it. You know if that relationship is good for you (or not). Or, if you’re really happy with your career. You also have a pretty good idea what you’re willing to do or give up to change things that aren’t working for you. Now is a good time to make those changes; to course correct what isn’t working, and to navigate purposefully into the future. So, find a practice that helps you turn off your head, and listen to your heart.

You have resources at your disposal. It just starts with a phone call or a simple note.