A Testicular Cancer Patient Gives Back

November 25, 2020

A testicular cancer patient of Austin Urology Institute recently got in touch with us about an event he’s hosting called “Burpees for Bros” on Nov. 28, 2020 in downtown Austin. We chipped in $250 towards their $2000 goal of raising money for the Testicular Cancer Foundation and the Movember Foundation. If you’d like to join us, the GoFundMe link is here. And here is a statement from patient Daniel Cano:

cancer patient fundraisingHey Everybody! My name is Daniel Cano and I’m excited to be doing my first Burpees for Bros event. Jordan told me his story and I knew immediately I wanted to be a part of this. This event is important to me for many reasons.

First, I’m a Testicular Cancer Survivor and am almost 9 months in remission. I had no idea dealing with cancer would turn my world upside down the way it did. As I was recovering from surgery and trying to prepare for a new life of patiently waiting to see if cancer decides to battle me again, the global pandemic hit. Suddenly things like my job, my health care coverage, medical bills, and an unexpected break up all became stressors that made dealing with cancer so much more challenging. But I leaned on my faith, family, friends, my fitness community, medical professionals, and therapist and have since committed to making men’s health and wellness awareness a priority going forward. Sometimes our trials can be daunting, but we are so much more than our circumstances.

Secondly, I want to address the fact that as men, we JUST DON’T talk about our health. That has to change. According to a recent Harvard Medical School study, “Men die younger than women, and are more burdened by illness in life.” So many of us are leaders in our families and our communities. I know I’ve done my share of self-destructive things to my body, we all have, but it’s important we talk about these things, and support one another in support and fellowship. That goes for mental health too. Taking care of ourselves and holding each other accountable allows us to take care of the ones we love and that depend on us, to the best of our abilities. If we take that responsibility seriously and consistently; we have the opportunity to do a lot of good!

The Movember Foundation and Testicular Cancer Foundation are two great organizations that we are raising money for to help us bring awareness to our communities. Please join us in this very important effort!

Lastly, I wanted to dedicate my effort on Nov. 28th to the memory of my Uncle Russ Dekrone, who passed away unexpectedly this past weekend at the young age of 56. As my family and I try to move on from this incredible loss. I’m honored to be doing this in his name, and I’ll be thinking of his service to our country, and his incredible work ethic he was always known for.