Are Robots Replacing Doctors? Da Vinci Robotics

March 7, 2019

Growing Out of Modernity

There has been an impressive number of medical advancements over the years, from 3D-printed organs to bionic eyes to full facial transplants. Included in that category is a classification of surgery that was named after one of the most pioneering men of our time: Leonardo da Vinci.

A widely comprehensive technology that has been revolutionizing the surgical industry since its inception, Da Vinci Robotic Surgery is a minimally-invasive technique that uses robotics to accomplish the procedure. The technology features unparalleled vision into the body and the ability to rotate beyond the capabilities of the human hand. In short, doctors can utilize this robotic system to perform surgeries faster and more efficiently than ever before.

What’s even more remarkable about da Vinci robotics is the range of procedures to which it can be applied. The technology can be used for surgeries including but not limited to: vasectomy, prostatectomy, pyeloplasty, and more. Conveniently enough, it’s available right here in Central Texas at the Austin Urology Institute, home of Austin’s own, Dr. Koushik Shaw.

A Renaissance Man In Our Midst

A top-rated urologist in Austin, Texas, and widely renowned as one of the elite urological cancer surgeons in Texas, Dr. Shaw has been implementing da Vinci robotics in kidney, bladder, and prostate surgeries since 2004. More than a decade and a half of experience? Yeah, Dr. Shaw does urology right.

Has an underwhelming urologist, by chance, left you battling a vasectomy infection, forcing you to scavenge Google for a vasectomy doctor in Austin? One quick call to the Austin Urology Institute will put you in touch with one of the very best vasectomy surgeons in Texas.

Perhaps your prostate is plaguing your health. If that proves to be the case, or even if you’re just not quite sure yet, place your health in the hands of Dr. Shaw and his staff at the Austin Urology Institute, whose reputation as one of the premier destinations for prostate cancer surgery in Texas precedes them.

If you find yourself needing to undergo a procedure in one of these categories and needing notable options in north Austin urology, know that you have the option to go the minimally-invasive route with da Vinci robotic surgeries. At the Austin Urology Institute, we are proud to combine powerful technologies with incredible skill, and bring our exceptional services to the people of Austin and beyond.

When it comes to north Austin urology, there is no better option. At the Austin Urology Institute, you’re quite literally in the best hands possible; both Dr. Shaw’s and those of the da Vinci Robotics surgical system. For those searching for the very best vasectomy options in Austin, or those seeking the services of the top-rated urological cancer surgeons in Texas, call us at the Austin Urology Institute at 512-694-8888, and recapture control of your health.