Can Fasting Shrink an Enlarged Prostate?

May 5, 2020

While there is evidence suggesting that fasting, under certain conditions, may be good for a person’s overall health, there is inconclusive evidence suggesting that this practice can help shrink prostates or resolve urinary problems. Some studies do suggest that having a lower fasting blood glucose (sugar) level may be related to having a smaller prostate. But to date there are no scientific studies suggesting a cause and effect relationship between fasting and prostate size.

Here’s everything you need to know about enlarged prostate:

BPH, or enlarged prostate, and its urinary symptoms may sometimes overlap with bladder symptoms such as frequency, urgency, leakage, pain. Although it is not exactly classified as fasting, the avoidance of certain foods or bladder irritants may help resolve these symptoms. Foods like citrus, chocolates, sodas, or caffeine are common bladder irritants. Simply put, the avoidance of bladder irritants and foods does not necessarily mean you are fasting but the act of fasting may help you avoid them.

If you believe you are having BPH symptoms, urinary symptoms, or problems with your prostate, it is important to undergo evaluation with a urologist to help identify what the potential issue is and to initiate possible treatments to provide immediate relief. Sometimes therapy is focused on avoiding bladder irritants but other times treatments with medications or procedures are needed.

Common surgical solutions include Urolift, Aquablation, iTind, Rezum, and HoLEP. The right option for you depends on your specific case. Our Austin urologist will assess the right treatment plan upon examination.

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