Georgetown Urology Clinic Keeps North Austin Healthy

May 25, 2021

Austin Urology Institute wants to keep you healthy!

Often, treatments for typical urologic conditions can be more effective when supplemented with improved nutrition. Austin Urology Institute is unique in that we take an individualized approach to the urologic conditions of each patient and look at the whole picture, including nutrition!

How do we do this? By offering an in-house nutritionist in addition to your urologic Austin and Georgetown care.

Our nutritionist works hand in hand with your Urologist to help prevent disease and promote good health by encouraging an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating habits.

Our nutritionist advises patients on matters of food and nutrition and how they can impact each patient’s care and conditions.

We begin with a general review of your current diet and exercise and help you explore options from there. We offer nutrition education, meal plans specific to your needs, and scheduled check-ins to adjust plans and keep you on track.

This can help treat conditions like erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, bladder dysfunction and kidney stones. Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity also play a role in your urologic health, and our nutritionist can provide additional information to help control and treat these chronic conditions.

General health and wellness is part of urology. By offering consultations with our in-house nutritionist, urologic conditions can be fully and naturally treated with simple and uncomplicated lifestyle changes.

Austin Urology Institute offers wellness and nutritional services in order to address the complete needs of each patient, with the goal of providing comprehensive treatments that address all of the factors contributing to urologic conditions.

If you are interested in learning more about how nutrition impacts your urologic health, please contact our office or call 512.694.888 to schedule a consultation.