How much does a vasectomy cost in Texas?

February 7, 2023

Given how much attention vasectomies have received in the news lately, it’s possible you’re considering getting one yourself. One common question patients have is how much a vasectomy costs, specifically here in Texas.

The cost of a vasectomy is not so straightforward – it depends on factors such as insurance coverage and deductibles. If you do not have health insurance, the cost will be higher. And even if you do have health insurance, your deductible may impact the final cost. To find out how much your Texas vasectomy will cost, contact us to get an exact cost.

At Austin Urology Institute, we’re proud to offer some of the lowest rates for vasectomy in Austin and across Texas. We perform vasectomies at our state-of-the-art offices to help keep costs low. Our vasectomies include pain medication, tight undergarments and sperm check kits, making it the total package.

Patients don’t just travel hundreds of miles to our office because of the cost; they come to Austin Urology Institute for Dr. Shaw’s experience as a vasectomy specialist. The procedure is simple and effective, taking approximately 20 minutes.

If you’re interested in learning more about your vasectomy options, we’d be happy to talk with you further. We’re willing to work with your schedule, offering convenient appointments and telemedicine visits. Contact us today to learn more: 512-694-8888