It Shouldn’t Be Hard to Go With The Flow

July 13, 2018

You’ve been there multiple times in your life – arriving at an event or happening and having to track down the location of the bathroom before you even find your seat. Maybe you don’t even have to go yet, but you already know that halfway through that iced tea you’re going to be heading for the hills, so it’s best to know where the ‘hills’ are in case of an emergency. 
This kind of scenario, having to live your life according to your enlarged prostate, is extremely frustrating for men affected by BPH and has the potential to totally dominate a person’s life. And we understand what they’re going through. When needing to relieve yourself feels like a life or death situation, it makes sense why you would need to prioritize going to the bathroom. But living like this and not doing anything about it makes no sense at all. 

The signs and symptoms of BPH can include urinary urgency, frequency, pushing and straining to urinate, dribbling when urinating, and excessive nighttime urination. 

Daily medications are costly and tend not to have durable results. Heat-based therapies and surgeries such as TURP or Greenlight Laser PVP require taking off tissue, are high-risk, and can have negative impacts on sexual functions. While some people would gladly accept these tradeoffs to reduce the conditions that come with an enlarged prostate, the Austin Urology Institute is here to tell you that you don’t have to. 

AUI has teamed up with UroLift to deliver a product to men with enlarged prostates who are fed up with the inefficiency of prior treatments and who want to avoid highly invasive procedures. The product, UroLift, consists of small, permanent implants that lift and hold the prostate out of the way of the urethra, relieving pressure that results in less discomfort and a smoother flow.  

Most of our patients have reported anywhere from a 25-75% improvement in symptoms, and can stop medications for the prostate.  Most importantly, there are no sexual side effects to this revolutionary procedure. 

Take a look at how the UroLift system works below: 

UroLift is a one-time procedure that has been shown to improve BPH symptoms in as little as two weeks, doesn’t involve any cutting or removal of tissue, and has absolutely no risk to sexual function.

Get back to being the guy who wanders aimlessly looking for the bathroom, and maybe even stops for a pretzel on the way. You know why? Because you can. Heck, take the time to even throw some mustard on that sucker. Because what’s a pretzel without mustard? A man with BPH who doesn’t have UroLift, that’s what it is.