Jelmyto and treatment of upper tract TCC of the kidney

October 20, 2020

Austin Urology Institute is proud to be amongst the first to offer a revolutionary new cancer treatment for transitional cell carcinoma, or TCC, of the upper urinary tract or kidney.

Most TCC lesions are found in the bladder, where they are easily resectable and treated with topical chemotherapy agents such as MMC or BCG.

Having said that, TCC of the renal pelvis or kidney presents a unique challenge in treatment. Local treatments such as resection or ablation have high failure/recurrence rates.

In patients with failure of local treatment, the treatment typically involved removal of the entire kidney and ureter (nephro-ureterectomy). This could accelerate renal failure and need for dialysis for many affected

Jelmyto represents a major advancement In treatment of these upper tract lesions, which were previously difficult to treat. Typically, mitomycin-C (MMC) could be placed in the upper tract with a nephrostomy tube, but contact time of the agent with the tumor would be limited, as the agent would ‘run’ right out of the kidney and into the bladder within seconds. Jelmyto solves this problem by being a thermally active polymer. It is in liquid form when cold, and then once it is placed into the kidney via a small catheter, body temperature rapidly changes it to a gel solution, that remains in contact with the renal collecting system and tumor for several hours. This markedly increases therapeutic effect and thus treatment success.

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