More Sex, Fewer Worries: 20 Reasons To Get A Vasectomy

May 31, 2018

First comes marriage, then comes babies, then what? While many of us never thought the idea of  “surgery on my privates” would cross our mind, the growing list of positives for a vasectomy is far outweighing the negatives and many people are catching on to the procedure.

“Vasectomy is one of the safest, most effective and most reliable forms of birth control,” said our own Dr. Shaw, head urologist at Austin Urology Institute. “For couples who want the best form of family planning, vasectomy is quick, painless, and cost-effective.”

Dr. Shaw has been practicing urology for more than a decade and has performed thousands of vasectomies for men in Texas and beyond. We sat down with Dr. Shaw to discuss his growing list of 20 reasons to get an Austin vasectomy from our clinic:

1. Vasectomies are highly effective. Men have a less than 1% chance of getting a partner pregnant after this procedure, making this much more effective than both condoms and birth control.

2. The risks are low. While all surgery carries some measure a risk, a vasectomy is usually uncomplicated. While there is a 2-3% chance of infection, swelling, bleeding or pain, Dr. Shaw uses a jet-spray anesthetic instead of a needle for vasectomies and has found that this significantly decreases complications.

3. Contrary to locker room myths, vasectomies shouldn’t affect sexual functioning. You’re not cutting the penis or the testicles but rather the tube that transports sperm, thus there is no change in hormones. This means if you were able to obtain an erection, orgasm, and ejaculate before the procedure you will be able to do it afterward. In fact, a recent study found that men with vasectomies actually have more sex than men who don’t.

4. You’ll still have your sperm. Getting snipped doesn’t halt sperm production and in fact more than 99% of your sperm comes from your prostate – so your swimmers will still be there, they just won’t be able to swim out.

5. It’s very quick. While the word “operation” may induce visions of an extensive surgical procedure and lengthy recovery time, the entire operation takes about 15 minutes. You’ll be in and out in no time.

6. It’s so easy it’s done as an outpatient procedure. Come into the office, get the procedure and 15 minutes later you’re out the door. It’s a much simpler procedure than a tubal ligation, which requires general anesthesia and invasive surgery.

7. The surgery is simple. Dr. Shaw applies a small amount of lidocaine on the scrotum with a jet-spray, and then makes a small incision to perform the entire procedure. The vas deferens, the size of a piece of spaghetti, is grasped and anesthetized. He then places a titanium clip on either side of the vas and removes the middle portion. A small stitch is placed over the incision, which is absorbed in a few days and you’re done.

8. It’s easy to understand. Dr. Shaw has outlined everything you need to know about vasectomies on our vasectomy page. 

9. Most vasectomies require only local anesthetic. Unlike “going under” for most major surgeries, vasectomies are so simple only local anesthetic, like lidocaine, is required.  If you are feeling anxious you can even opt for a mild sedative right before the procedure.

10. We don’t use any needles. Dr. Shaw anesthetizes the skin with a spray jet, and then clips and snips the vas deferens with tiny surgical tools, with an incision smaller than a pencil eraser.

11. You get to show off those tighty-whities. After surgery you are advised to wear scrotal support or tight underwear for at least one week. So get out those jock straps!

12. You finally get the chance to use one of our unique e-cards.

13. Recovery is super fast. We recommend one week for recovery where you from sports, biking, running, bull riding, weight lifting, and sliding down stairs. We also ask for one week of refraining from intercourse, followed by 2-3 months of protected sex. Residual sperm will still be in your vas deferens for about 30 ejaculations. We’ll send you home with a test kit that you can use to make sure your pipes are all cleared before you start having unprotected sex.

14. It’s the best excuse to be a couch potato. We perform many vasectomies on a Friday and some Saturdays so you have the whole weekend to relax. Watch some movies, watch an entire weekend of sports, read books, play video games and just chill.

15. It makes saving up for that new sports car a lot easier. Vasectomies only cost about a few hundred dollars and insurance will often cover some or most of that cost. It’s much cheaper than another kid!

16. Your partner will thank you. Due to the number of birth control options for woman, your partner may bear the burden of responsibility for contraception. A vasectomy is an easy, cost-effective and reliable method of birth control, which allows you and partner both to feel a whole lot more free.

17. Sexual freedom. The worry of whether your partner took her pill or the condom broke is gone. No more pregnancy tests, plan B’s or general stress over “what if.”

18. It’s pretty much a get out of jail free card. When you don’t want to go to that baby shower and the game is on, you can gently remind your partner that you got a vasectomy for her… this is probably a limited time only use though!

19. It’s technically reversible. However, when contemplating a vasectomy you should consider it permanent. The reversal process can be costly (and not covered by many insurances) and potentially unsuccessful. If you want the freedom of a vasectomy with the possibility of future children consider freezing your sperm before surgery.

20. You’re basically saving the world. Overpopulation puts a lot of stress on the environment. Your decision to have a vasectomy helps you better plan your future and the future of the planet.

To schedule a vasectomy consultation with Dr. Shaw, call us at (512) 694-8888 or reach out through our contact page.