Naturally Improve Sperm Count and Concentration

October 6, 2023

Can Men Improve Sperm Count Naturally?

A recent study set out to answer two questions:

  1. Does diet-induced weight loss improve semen qualities? AND
  2. Are these possible improvements maintained with sustained weight loss?

How did they do it?

Researchers from Hvidovre Hospital and the University of Copenhagen studied 56 participants over a year-long period. These participants were males, ages 18-65 with a BMI  between 32 and 43 kg/m2 (obesity classes 1-3), but otherwise healthy. The participants’ semen was studied and assessed before the dietary intervention, after 8 weeks on a low-calorie diet, and after 52 weeks.

What were the results of the study?

During the 8-week low-calorie diet, the participants lost an average of 36.4 lbs (or 16.5 kg). Additionally, the participants’ average sperm concentration was improved by 149% while sperm count improved by 141%

What were the results after 52 weeks?

For the men who maintained their weight loss for 52 weeks, improvements in sperm concentration and count were maintained. However, these improvements were not sustained in the men who regained weight. Semen volume, sperm motility, and motile sperm count did not change after 52 weeks.

What does this mean?

It is true! Weight loss through diet and exercise improves sperm concentration and sperm count in men during short-term weight loss, and those improvements are maintained as weight is maintained.

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