Peyronie’s Disease

May 4, 2012

Saw a patient today with severe Peyronie’s Disease.  This is a disease involving curvature of the penis. Usually excessive forces on the penis during intercourse, at a particular moment, or over time, cause micro-fractures of the tunica, or fascia that surrounds the penis.  Instead of normal healing processes, the body “over-heals”, replacing normal tissue with collagenous, thick, fibrous tissue.  Since the penis goes from flaccid to erect, this fibrous area does not appropriately distend, and instead a curvature develops at that fixed point.

In my patient’s case, the penile curvature was almost 90 degrees, precluding intercourse! We performed an outpatient surgery, where the plaque was removed, and replaced with a patch that should heal normally.

Penile sensation was preserved, and he is having normal erections 1 week postoperatively.

We will have to revisit his case in about 6 weeks for final healing and reassessment, stay tuned!


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