The Stones: Great for Music, Bad for Kidneys

January 19, 2024

(Not So) Fun Facts About Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can affect just about anyone. There are many factors, both genetic and environmental, that can make a person more or less likely to develop kidney stones. The majority of kidney stones are calcium stones (80%), most of which are composed primarily of calcium oxalate or calcium phosphate. The other main types include uric acid, struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate), and cystine stones. Depending on the patient, kidney stones may have more than one type of crystal. 

For patients with a history of a previous urinary stone, recurrence rates approach 50% at ten years. There is traditionally a high incidence of urinary stones in the Southeastern and South Central United States, termed the “Stone Belt,” which probably reflects the hot weather climate and relative dehydration that occurs in these areas. 

Austin and Kidney Stones

Austin gets hot, really hot. This makes the city and surrounding areas prime locations for kidney stone formation. As the summer months wane we see more and more stones in our patients. Diet changes and increased water intake can help reduce your risks of developing stones, if you have a previous history of stones yourself or a family history help is out there to mitigate your risks. 

TheraLith XR is a urologist-recommended kidney health supplement, delivering 12 mEq of citrate alkali per daily dose.*

  • Key kidney health nutrients: Formulated with potassium citrate, magnesium, and vitamin B6.* 
  • Research-backed: TheraLith XR showed a 29% reduction in urinary oxalate levels, 22% reduction in calcium oxalate supersaturation, and a 48% increase in urinary magnesium and citrate levels, all key factors to reduce the risk of calcium oxalate crystal formation.* 
  • Formulated with an extended-release coating to optimize absorption and minimize stomach upset.* 

TheraLith XR comes from one of the most trusted sources for urologists, Theralogix. Theralogix products are certified for content accuracy and purity by NSF® International – one of the most rigorous third-party dietary supplement testing programs in the world. It’s your guarantee that they contain everything they should, and nothing they shouldn’t. 

Don’t wait for the summer months to heat up and the stones to start rolling in. Talk to one of our providers today and let Austin Urology Institute help you prevent kidney stones!