Upwards of 1 in 6 couples may experience issues with infertility

January 14, 2013

Did you know that upwards of 1 in 6 couples may experience issues with infertility?  At the Austin Urology Institute, we pride ourselves in a comprehensive workup of male infertility.  In up to 40% of couples, the male may be at least a partial source of the fertility issue, although in many cases we tend to focus on the woman’s fertility.

Our clinic does an extensive workup, including the hormones FSH, LH, and Testosterone.  Prolactin can also be checked.  These hormones are all part of the cascade that drives testosterone production, which is critical to providing an environment for optimal sperm production.  We also check a semen analysis, to check the “final product” in the assembly line.

A testicular exam is also helpful, and in some cases, we identify a varicocele, or excess veins in the testicle, that causes excess warmth in the testicle.  This leads to sub-optimal temperatures that can lead to diminished sperm production.  At the Austin Urology Institute, we perform an outpatient, 45 minute procedure laparoscopically with 3 small incisions less than the head of an eraser to remove varicoceles.

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