Low Testosterone

5 Small Ways to Live Large In Your 30’s

April 4, 2019  |  Low Testosterone  Men's Health  The/Age  

An Important Milestone Are you at the awkward age, of say, your late 30’s (give or take)? This particular juncture might feel a bit like being on the cusp of something. You might find yourself reflecting and planning with equal intensity. To quote a passage of ancient wisdom from the I Ching: “Look at the […]

Low T-Centers Are as Real as They Are Dangerous

April 1, 2019  |  Low Testosterone  Men's Health  The/Age  

Informercial Testosterone Testing? Have you ever wondered where the people behind infomercials sell their products? Or what their store would look like if they had one? Most likely, they wouldn’t look too classy. While infomercials might be great to get non-stick saucepans and shake weights, they should be the last place people look to get […]

Infertility By The Numbers

June 18, 2018  |  Erectile Dysfunction  Low Testosterone  Men's Health  Vasectomy  Women's Health  

Did you know even a single degree in temperature difference can negatively impact sperm count? Turn to the family planning expert Dr. Shaw, to start focusing on life goals. Infertility in Women If you have been trying for baby and either cannot get or stay pregnant after trying for at least a year, you may […]

Will Male Infertility Destroy America? (No, BUT…)

December 14, 2017  |  Erectile Dysfunction  Low Testosterone  

America may self-destruct in the near future, and surprisingly it may have more to do with male infertility than the current political climate. After years of steady decline, the number of women giving birth in the U.S. has reached an all-time low this year. This decline isn’t all bad news, birth rates have decreased amongst […]

Low Testosterone Symptoms in Young Men

November 24, 2015  |  Low Testosterone  Men's Health  

Testosterone can decrease as men get older. In some, this can onset at an earlier age and the symptoms can interfere with daily life and relationships. At Austin Urology Institute, we evaluate and treat men of all ages. While the symptoms listed below are typical of low testosterone (aka Low T), it is also important […]

The Truth about Low T

July 15, 2015  |  Low Testosterone  

Dr. Shaw and the Austin Urology Institute team are experts on male reproductive health, which means we field a lot of questions from men that they’re embarrassed to ask anyone else. One trending topic in the men’s health world is low testosterone, or as it’s known on billboards and radio ads, low T. What is […]

What is testosterone?

August 8, 2014  |  Low Testosterone  

Testosterone is a steroid hormone. Mostly the testicles produce testosterone, and a small amount is produced by the adrenal glands. The testicles receive a signal from hormones in the pituitary gland (in your brain) that tell them to either start or stop testosterone production. Testosterone is used in the medical world to regulate many functions […]

Does a vasectomy lower testosterone?

July 17, 2014  |  Low Testosterone  Vasectomy  

A vasectomy will not lower testosterone. The only function of a vasectomy is to disrupt sperm production. The testicles produce both sperm and testosterone. While the sperm travels through the vas deferens, the testosterone is actually absorbed into the bloodstream.

What do testosterone supplements do?

July 15, 2014  |  Low Testosterone  

There are two types of testosterone supplements: 1). exogenous testosterone, which includes topical creams/gels, injections, pellets, etc. 2). FSH and LH agonists that promote your body’s own production of testosterone. Both types of medications raise testosterone in your blood, which provides you with more energy, increased libido. Please call to schedule an appointment for preventative/follow-up […]

Why does testosterone decrease?

May 15, 2014  |  Low Testosterone  Men's Health  

Testosterone can decrease with age. Natural testosterone can also decrease if you have used testosterone supplements or steroids in the past. Some men may have deficiencies in the hormones secreted by the pituitary gland called FSH and LH; these hormones signal your testicles to make more testosterone. There is also a rare brain tumor (non-cancerous) […]

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