Your-sectomy: It Should Be Up to You

July 13, 2018  |  Vasectomy  

Austin Urology Institute is proud to offer our vasectomy services for patients sprawling from San Antonio all the way to San Marcos. Besides our top of the line 5-star Facilities and team of physicians, it makes sense why our patients are so committed to traveling so far to receive our care. Along with earning the […]

Infertility By The Numbers

June 18, 2018  |  Erectile Dysfunction  Low Testosterone  Men's Health  Vasectomy  Women's Health  

Did you know even a single degree in temperature difference can negatively impact sperm count? Turn to the family planning expert Dr. Shaw, to start focusing on life goals. Infertility in Women If you have been trying for baby and either cannot get or stay pregnant after trying for at least a year, you may […]

More Sex, Fewer Worries: 20 Reasons To Get A Vasectomy

May 31, 2018  |  Vasectomy  

First comes marriage, then comes babies, then what? While many of us never thought the idea of  “surgery on my privates” would cross our mind, the growing list of positives for a vasectomy is far outweighing the negatives and many people are catching on to the procedure. “Vasectomy is one of the safest, most effective and […]

What is a vasectomy reversal?

December 28, 2017  |  Vasectomy  

A vasectomy is a procedure done for contraception. Sperm travels from the testicle (where most of it is made) to the vas deferens tubes, into the prostate (where semen is produced), and together sperm and semen are ejaculated out the urethra. During a vasectomy removing a segment of the vas deferens tubes disrupts the path […]

Life’s Better When You Get Snipped Together

March 28, 2017  |  Vasectomy  

Step one: settle down. Step two: start a family. Step three: realize that kids are no cakewalk and you’re ready to be done changing diapers. When the time comes to make sure your baby-making days are really over, a vasectomy is one of the safest, easiest, and most reliable forms of permanent birth control. But […]

What is a no scalpel vasectomy?

February 2, 2017  |  Vasectomy  

Patients sometimes ask me about the possibility of a no scalpel vasectomy. I’m not sure where they get this term from, maybe advertisements or Googling. I’m not surprised by this question, since the thought of a scalpel in that particular area is going to cause a little bit of anxiety, but it’s really nothing to […]

Are There Vasectomy Side Effects?

January 13, 2016  |  Vasectomy  

As guys, we spend most of our lives trying to keep sharp objects away from our downstairs business (it’s the whole reason pants were invented) so apprehension about getting a vasectomy is normal. You may have heard horror stories, or maybe your imagination is enough to keep you sticking with less reliable birth control methods, […]

Saving Your Sperm at a Sperm Bank

December 8, 2015  |  Men's Health  Vasectomy  

If you’re suffering from a urologic issue that may affect your body’s production of sperm, sperm banking can be done to preserve or freeze sperm that may later be used if you are planning to have a child in the future. This is referred to as cryopreservation. Fairfax Cryo Bank in Austin, TX provides this […]

Epididymitis and Vasectomy

November 1, 2015  |  Uncategorized  Vasectomy  

Epididymitis is an infection or inflammation of the epididymis. This is a structure that sits on the testicle and transports sperm to the vas deferens. It is a common infection in men and is typically treated with a two week course of antibiotics. The symptoms include pain of the epididymis with or without touch, feeling […]

The Truth About Vasectomies vs Essure

August 27, 2015  |  Vasectomy  Women's Health  

Just because you’re done having kids, that doesn’t mean your done being intimate. These days, there are more options than ever for long-term birth control, but most of these ask a lot from the ladies in the relationship. Dr. Koushik Shaw and the Austin Urology Institute team have decades of experience counseling couples (or individuals) […]

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