Moms Love Vasectomies: Austin Urology Institute in Austin Moms Blog

February 15, 2015

Most often men seeking vasectomies in Austin are fathers who’ve spoken with their wives and determined they’re happy with their family as is, and not too thrilled about having to use birth control for the foreseeable future. Vasectomies are a much less invasive form of permanent birth control than tubal ligation, the female equivalent. So after Elisabeth, a writer for the Austin Moms Blog, and her husband visited Austin Urology Institute for a routine vasectomy, we realized this was the perfect opportunity to reach out to moms and educate them on this surprisingly practical form of family planning.

The resulting article can be found here: 5 Reasons Your Husband Should Get a Vasectomy.

That article was followed by our own feature: It Does Exist! Vasectomies: The Male Birth Control.

More information on vasectomies can be found on our family planning page, which includes these downloadable, shareable e-cards!

vasectomy e-card 2 vasectomy e-card 2