Reasons Why Men Lose Erections During Sex – Dr. Shaw Weighs In

April 28, 2022

After dinner, drinks and the Uber ride home, some men find that they show up to bat, but “strike out” at home plate. There are a variety of factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction and poor performance in the bedroom. From mental to physical, there are unfortunately many different things that can cause ED. ED isn’t just the inability to get an erection, it’s also lacking the ability to maintain one during sexual intercourse. With ED in general on the rise, many men may find themselves frustrated with how to alleviate a problem that can be difficult to discuss.

Luckily for this particularly annoying problem in life, there are a handful of solutions. Living healthier and having those uncomfortable conversations with a trusted and experienced urologist are great first steps to take when struggling with ED. If you find yourself wondering what the hell is going on when it comes time to perform, read on!

In an interview with AskMen, Dr. Shaw and other urologists break down some of the main causes of ED and what you can do to solve the problem. If you want to read Dr. Shaw’s full response, check it out below!

“Erectile dysfunction is a complex issue. There are multiple reasons why a man’s erectile function could suffer during intercourse. Alcohol, recreational drugs, stress, and cardiovascular problems are some of the main reasons why you may be experiencing erectile dysfunction or a premature loss of erection.

The erection is largely blood flow-related. Normally, the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system, which is responsible for bodily functions related to relaxation, is employed to increase blood flow to the penis during sex. 

However, the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for a human’s flight or fight response, can be triggered by unwanted stress in the bedroom. This, in turn, can lead to increased heart rate and high blood pressure, which can all lead to blood draining away from the penis which can cause loss of an erection. 

Other contributors to erectile dysfunction include hormonal imbalances such as low testosterone. When a man’s testosterone, which is responsible for sex drive, is lowered the obvious effect is less sexual desire and poorer performance in the bedroom.

 Additionally, the topic of cardiovascular health is extremely important for proper erectile function. Elevated blood pressure and the medications that are used to treat it all contribute to erectile dysfunction.  Proper diet, sleep, and exercise are all important factors for maintaining adequate testosterone levels and cardiovascular health.

Furthermore, the excessive use of alcohol or recreational drugs, such as marijuana, can pose an obstacle for achieving an erection. When a man consumes too much alcohol, the depressant properties of the substance make it difficult for their penis to become erect. This is oftentimes referred to as “whiskey dick.” On the other hand, mild to moderate use of alcohol can serve to ease nerves and help with the stress and anxiety associated with the bedroom. Moderation is key. 

Overall, a healthy lifestyle and a clear head can help when it comes to achieving an erection and performing well on game day. However, if the issue of erectile dysfunction persists, a thorough evaluation with your local urologist is important to get you back into the game.”

Erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to be something you live with. Informing your doctor can be uncomfortable, but getting past the issue requires having an open and honest conversation with a caring medical professional. If you find that you’re struggling to perform in the bedroom, Dr. Shaw and the team at Austin Urology are here to help!