The Men’s Wellness Institute at Austin Urology Institute

September 20, 2021

Be your best you.

The Men’s Wellness Institute understands that YOU are multifaceted and that’s a balancing act. We provide an integrative, holistic, and customized approach to maximizing your health and wellness, supporting you to be your best.

We take a comprehensive look at all the aspects of your health that make you tick – from the basics like nutrition, sleep and exercise, to the more medical areas like low testosterone, testosterone replacement therapy, sexual performance and erectile dysfunction (ED). Everything works together to create the balance that makes you healthy, strong and productive.

The Men’s Wellness Institute, based in Austin, Texas, analyzes the full picture of what makes you function at your best. Our men’s clinic utilizes specialists in he areas of sleep, exercise, low testosterone, ED and nutrition who work together to guide you to the best approach uniquely for you.

Our men’s clinic is located in Austin at Austin Urology Institute, but we provide telemedicine visits that make it even easier for you to stay on track, stay plugged in to your wellness goals, and stay out of waiting rooms.

The Men’s Wellness Institute brings an integrative, specialized approach that conveniently and discreetly allows you to tackle low T, testosterone replacement therapy, and ED conditions that can hold you back from peak performance.

The Men’s Wellness Institute has a provider within the clinic that specializes in erectile dysfunction, providing everything from evaluation to treatments and new procedures. We also have an in-house nutritionist who can help you become your best self by creating a meal plan program that’ll enhance your health and prevent or even correct chronic conditions that impact urological health. 

Interested in getting started improving and increasing your overall health? Give Austin Urology Institute a call to schedule an appointment with a provider at 512.694.8888.