What’s The Deal with Aquablate for Prostate?

September 20, 2023

Consider the mysterious prostate. 

Giver of pleasure and generator of semen, and yet the sexual organ that loves to cause problems in the bedroom and the bathroom.

Much like our nails, noses, and hair, the prostate is always growing. Sure you can’t exactly whip out a tape measure for it and wag it like some other, more spotlighted organs, but it’s putting on inches nevertheless. 

Unfortunately as we age, your prostate can grow into the urethra (where your pee/semen comes out). When it does, it can cause urinary issues like a weak stream, nighttime urination, difficulty starting stream, and urinary retention.

Over the years, the medical community has explored as many options as possible to overcome these issues. Microwave therapy, freezing cryotech, bisection, and even lasers have been tried to literally cut down the offending organ. The newest and greatest (in our opinion) in removing troubling tissue is the Aquablate. This high powered water stream points and shoots to remove the prostate tissue that’s causing the issues.

Why should you choose Aquablate for your enlarged prostate?

What makes this ‘enema with an edge’ so great? It’s not just the novelty of the procedure that’s got our team excited, it’s the process itself!

Real time imaging during your Aquablation helps doctors avoid hitting your more well-behaved spots. The ejaculatory duct, for instance, is less likely to get caught up in friendly fire with this kind of precision. Better yet, because it’s easier to see exactly where the tiny nozzle is aiming, you’re off the table in minutes rather than hours. 

Don’t be mislead, we’re not trying to rush you out the door. But the longer the prostate is operated on, the hotter it gets. And just like any other fever, operating capacity can be left reduced even after the heat is off! Erectile dysfunction due to overheated nerves is not unheard of, and neither is incontinence. We prefer to get our patient real solutions rather than having them trade one issue for another.

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