Austin Urology Institute Treats Urologic Health and Wellness

May 27, 2021

Austin Urology Institute wants to keep you healthy! And in order to do so we have to include the whole picture of health, including preventative medicine.

The truth is, prevention is the best medicine. Effective prevention means looking at your nutrition and lifestyle habits as the first line of defense against illness.

General health and wellness goes hand in hand. That includes nutrition! In addition to top urology care, Austin Urology Institute offers wellness and nutritional services in order to address the complete needs of each patient and treat ALL of the factors that contribute to urologic conditions.

We now offer consultations with our in-house nutritionist: Tessa Spisak.

Tessa works alongside the Austin Urology Institute medical professionals, and offers a functional and holistic approach for nutrient-aided recovery and/or disease prevention. That includes the areas of fertility, diabetes management, reduction of elevated cholesterol, prevention of vascular diseases, prostate, kidney and bladder cancer risk reduction, low testosterone or erectile dysfunction, kidney stone prevention, and alleviating overactive bladder symptoms using treatments such as the revolutionary Axonics implant.

Tessa uses evidence-based methodologies to address the individual person and their mindset, as well as their specific illness. She guides patients on how to balance ever-changing life events and daily responsibilities, navigate nutrition, and take on the multitude of aspects involved in keeping the body as healthy as can be. She understands the importance of meeting someone where they are and providing education on weight-related issues.

She offers in person and telemedicine visits to patients to discuss individual nutritional and health needs. This includes counseling patients on nutrition-related issues and healthy eating habits, as well developing meal and nutrition plans that take clients’ preferences and budgets into account. We begin with a general review of your current diet and exercise and help you explore options from there. We offer nutrition education, meal plans specific to your needs, and scheduled check-ins to adjust plans and keep you on track.

If you are interested in learning more about nutrition or scheduling a consultation with Tessa, please contact our office by calling 512.694.8888 or submitting a contact form online.