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Dr. Koushik Shaw Makes Austin Monthly’s Top Doctors List (Again!) for 2023

January 20, 2023  |  Austin Urology  

Dr. Shaw is honored to have made Austin Monthly’s list of Top Doctors for 2023. Doctors are nominated by fellow physicians across Central Texas, and Dr. Shaw was once again recognized as one of the best urologists in Austin. As the founder of Austin Urology Institute, Dr. Koushik Shaw is committed to providing cutting-edge care […]

How Much Does Addyi Cost?

January 10, 2023  |  Sexual Health (ED, Hormones, & Fertility)  Women's Health  

You’ve probably heard of the “little blue pill,” but what about the “little pink pill”? Addyi is the only FDA-approved medication for treating hypoactive sexual desire (HSDD) in women and it’s available at Austin Urology Institute.  Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) refers to having little or no interest in sex. Addyi (flibanserin) treats low libido […]

What’s A Good Natural Hormone Replacement?

January 10, 2023  |  Low Testosterone  Men's Health  

Hormone replacement therapy is becoming increasingly popular, which can be (partially) chalked up to an extremely stressed-out society. Being stressed can wreak havoc on your hormonal wellbeing. It can also leave you with less time for proper nutrition and exercise, further harming your hormonal health. There are more and more options for hormone replacement therapy […]

Your Bladder Is No Laughing Matter: November is Bladder Health Month

November 3, 2022  |  Austin Urology  Bladder  

Did you know, every 1 in 6 adults will suffer from an overactive bladder (OAB)? And that every 1 in 3 women will deal with stress urinary incontinence (SUI) at some point during their lifetime? If you feel like you’re the only person in the world who “leaks” or is constantly running to the bathroom, […]

Dr. Shaw Discusses a Rise in Vasectomies with KUT

October 21, 2022  |  Vasectomy  

With more and more couples considering permanent birth control options, Austin Urology Institute’s Dr. Koushik Shaw was recently interviewed by KUT 90.5 about the rise in vasectomies. Here’s what he had to say: While vasectomies can be reversed, doctors, such as Dr. Koushik Shaw of Austin Urology Institute, don’t recommend people view them this way. […]

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

September 28, 2022  |  Prostate Cancer  

Did you know that prostate cancer impacts 1 in 9 men during their lifetime? It is the most common cancer to affect men, excluding skin cancer. It’s also the leading cause of cancer deaths among men. Prostate cancer typically affects men over the age of 65, and for reasons not fully understood, it’s more prevalent […]

Dr. Koushik Shaw Performs First Living Kidney Donation With National Donate Life

September 16, 2022  |  Kidney Health  

St. David’s North Austin Medical Center and Donate Life America are piloting the first-ever living kidney donor program in Texas, and Dr. Koushik Shaw is honored to be part of it. Having performed kidney transplant surgery since 2004, this was a significant moment for Dr. Shaw and the greater transplant community at large.  Images courtesy […]

Answering Austin’s Vasectomy Questions: How Old Do You Have To Be For A Vasectomy?

September 12, 2022  |  Vasectomy  

In light of the increase in vasectomy inquiries after the overturn of Roe v. Wade, we’re here to answer any and all of Austin’s vasectomy questions. One common question: How old do you have to be to have a vasectomy in Texas? Before we dig into how old you have to be, let’s talk more […]

Achieving Balance: Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) & More

September 9, 2022  |  Low Testosterone  Men's Health  Nutrition  

It doesn’t matter how much or how little you know about hormone imbalances; it’s intimidating to know where to begin, and how to achieve and maintain hormonal balance. Hormonal imbalances look different from person to person, meaning that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We wish it were that easy! At Austin Urology Institute we’re committed […]

Diet and Fertility: Does food increase sperm count? 

July 25, 2022  |  Men's Health  Sexual Health (ED, Hormones, & Fertility)  

At Austin Urology Institute we tackle many complex diagnosis with males and females alike.  One of the most frustrating diagnosis for patient and partner is that of male infertility.  It’s a complex topic and several factors can play a role in fertility. One factor that is often overlooked is diet. Male infertility means that there’s a problem with […]

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