Fertility in Austin: How to Keep Your Baby Maker Healthy in a Hot Environment

April 14, 2023

Howdy, all you sweaty people out there.  This fertility PSA is from Alex, nurse practitioner from the Austin Urology Institute. Since we’ve reached the point in the year when they start sticking to your thighs, let’s talk balls! 

Testicles hang to keep your testes away from your body, helping them stay cooler so sperm can thrive. But when the weather is literally hot as balls, fertility in Austin can be just as difficult to optimize as a deodorant schedule. Here are some tips to keep that baby gravy at just the right temperature.

Stay cool

Our medical gear is great, but as an Austin fertility institute we know we need AC units strong enough to freeze a rainforest. And so do you! It’s important to avoid hot environments and stay cool to protect your swimmers. So, stay indoors during the hottest parts of the day and avoid hot tubs and saunas.  This is your excuse to let the hangers hang.

Drink plenty of fluids

Would you “water” your lawn with sawdust? If you’re not drinking your water as it heats up, you’re basically trying to do exactly that. Dehydration can affect your sperm production, so shake the dust out of your hose and tip your reusable bottle (or single-use plastic, we won’t judge…much) as often as possible. How much water you need varies by weight, and if you’re replacing sweat, you’ll need minerals and sugars to actually get your body to access those liquids. So keep an eye on what’s coming out when you hit the head. If your urine is amber or darker? Start sippin’. 

Eat right

Just because it’s brat weather doesn’t mean that can be the bulk of your diet. Won’t lie, an Austin fertility institute based around eating penis shaped foods would be kind of cool in a stone-age sort of way, but if you’re going with a like-makes-like approach, you need to throw some bananas, cucumbers, and squash in there too. Eating a balanced diet full of fruits, veggies, and whole grains can help improve your overall health and fertility, so go hit up that Whole Foods!

Manage stress

The hotter it gets, the easier it is to get annoyed. But Hulking out in the heat can put your baby plans on halt. Stress can have a negative impact on fertility, so find ways to manage stress, such as meditation or exercise. Breathe deep, move more, join a fight club if you have to (just make sure you’re in a breathable cup). 

Slow your roll

Baby-making is the most fun part of parenthood, we get it. But just like there’s an optimal time for your partner, there’s an optimal time for you too! If you’re taking Clomid for male infertility, this hormonal treatment won’t touch the sperm you’ve already made. You’ve got about 108 days to grow new swimmers to maturity, and those treated sperm won’t shoot until that time. We’re not saying you can’t make things even hotter. But if you’re gauging success by a crib full of results, just keep an eye on your calendar while your meds work their magic.

Find a fertility institute

No matter the weather, if you’re experiencing fertility problems we at Austin Urology Institute have the know-how you need. We’re not just home to one of the best urologists in Austin, we also help with family-planning!  Contact our fertility institute through our website to  book an appointment today – we can get you on your way to growing your family.