Bedwetting Doesn’t Just Affect Children

November 10, 2016

November is Bladder Health month and we’re highlighting a few topics that don’t get much attention throughout the year. This week, we’re covering adult bedwetting (or, as urologists call it, nocturia.) Nocturia affects 5 million adults across the United States, which hopefully makes you feel less alone if you have the occasional accident. 

You may be surprised to learn that adult bedwetting is most prevalent in people aged 18-44. More than 60 percent of these people haven’t even brought it up with their doctor! 

Embarrassment is no reason to avoid seeking medical help, whether it’s adult bedwetting, erectile dysfunction or any other urologic condition that you’d rather not talk about. Dr. Shaw and our staff at Austin Urology Institute can help get to the bottom of what’s causing your condition and develop a treatment plan. 

If you’re suffering from nocturia, give us a call or schedule an appointment online