Can Varicoceles contribute to Low Testosterone?

August 11, 2014

At the Austin Urology Institute, we have treated varicoceles, or abnormal dilated veins around the testicle, for several reasons.  These include a large varicocele that causes progressive pain as the day goes on, as well as a large varicocele causing infertility, or high numbers of abnormal sperm.  However, recently, there has been some interest in the possibility that large varicoceles could be contributing to low testosterone levels. Here is an interesting article that supports this.

Did you know that most men have varicoceles on their left?  Turns out that the venous drainage is different on the left as opposed to the right.  On the right the testicle drains to the vena cava, the main highway in the body back to the heart.  On the left, the varicocele drains to the left kidney.  The slower traffic can back up, causing a varicocele.

How do you know you have a varicocele?  Take a feel in your scrotum. Often in the shower works best.  You will notice a ‘bag of worms’ or soft lumpy tissue that surrounds the testicle.  It is easy to compare the left and right sides to verify the difference.

We have successfully been correcting varicoceles for over a decade now.  In Austin, we were amongst the first to pioneer laparoscopic, minimally invasive options for varicocele treatment.

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