Inside Scoop on Infertility

January 22, 2024

Infertility Issues? Are you Having Difficulty Conceiving?  Are your Swimmers Moving Slow? 

We can help!

We see many male patients who have low sperm counts, difficulty conceiving and slow swimmers.  With the help of prescription medications like Clomid for male infertility and Specialty vitamins like Contraception XR Motility support, many of our patients are able to conceive.  

Motility Support for Healthy Swimmers

Contraception XR Motility vitamins come from the most trusted name in Urological supplements,  Theralogix. Theralogix products are certified for content accuracy and purity by NSF® International – one of the most rigorous third-party dietary supplement testing programs in the world.  ConceptionXR Motility Support Formula is the ultimate fertility supplement for men who need extra nutrient support for sperm motility.* 

By providing your bosdy with fertility-focused nutrients, ConceptionXR Motility Support Formula delivers a core blend of high-dose antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and selenium), methylated folate, and other essential nutrients to promote healthy sperm shape and function.* Plus, it contains 1,000 mg of L-carnitine and extra vitamin D3 to support sperm motility.*

Family planning can be stressful on its own, that is why Austin Urology Institute wants to help take some weight off your shoulders and put some pep into the step of your swimmers. If you are having infertility issues, we can help, schedule an appointment today!