Is Edging Bad for You?

January 4, 2024

Edging and Erectile Dysfunction: Is There a Correlation?

Hey everyone, this is Alex NP with Austin Urology Institute and I’ve had lots of questions come up in my appointments about edging and if it’s a “bad” or “good” thing to practice doing.  In sexual exploration and intimacy, various techniques and practices aim to enhance pleasure and control.  One question remains with regard to edging and erectile dysfunction: is edging bad for you?

Understanding Edging

Edging refers to the practice of delaying or prolonging sexual stimulation just before reaching the point of orgasm. Individuals engaging in edging deliberately bring themselves to the brink of climax before pausing or reducing stimulation, effectively preventing ejaculation. This cycle of building and reducing sexual tension is repeated multiple times before allowing release, ultimately intensifying the eventual orgasm.

The Process of Edging

During edging, individuals focus on their sexual response, learning to recognize the point where orgasm feels imminent. They then control this response by stopping or reducing stimulation, either through physical touch or mental techniques, such as distraction or breathing exercises. This intentional delay aims to amplify the sensations and, for some, leads to a more intense climax when finally allowing ejaculation.

Effects on Erectile Function

Potential effects of this practice on erectile function have sparked discussions. Some individuals  believe it strengthens their ability to manage arousal and delay ejaculation, potentially contributing to improved sexual stamina.

However, prolonged sessions might also lead to potential concerns regarding erectile function. Some studies suggest that extended periods of sexual arousal without release could impact the blood flow and neurochemical balance involved in maintaining healthy erectile function. This might, in some cases, lead to temporary difficulties in achieving or sustaining erections.

In other words, it may feel good in the moment but with prolonged erections and edging sessions, blood flow problems and sensitivity issues may present later.

Balancing Practice and Health

Balance and moderation are key. Engaging in prolonged edging sessions excessively or frequently might pose risks to erectile function in some individuals. It’s important to recognize individual differences in response to sexual practices and listen to one’s body.

We know that these topics can be uncomfortable, but, having these conversations with your doctor can help alleviate certain issues you may be dealing with. Please contact us at Austin Urology Institute and schedule an appointment if you have any sexual dysfunction needs.