Is your Kissing Day (July 6th) carefree? Here’s how to have the vasectomy talk

July 6, 2021

Happy International Kissing Day! July 6th is the day to smooch your partner.

Speaking of kissing – and a day full of romance – let’s chat about vasectomies.

Tired of whoops?

Are you are considering a vasectomy, but you still have doubts and worries? Asking yourself all kinds of questions, like do you ejaculate after vasectomy or will my sexual performance remain intact? Relax. Let’s take a look at some stats to help you get 100% clear about your decision to choose a vasectomy as your best birth control option.

A vasectomy is one of the most effective birth control methods out there with minimal risks. Performed in the office in a 15 minute procedure with very little recovery time, it’s literally a snip in a snap. Plus, you’ll win points with your partner—she won’t have to deal with the side effects, risk factors or trying to remember to do something exactly on time to keep the other birth control options effective.

A vasectomy has a 0.15% failure rate.
Less than 1%.
Less than 0.5%!

It’s simple. It’s quick. It’s non-invasive. You’ll be back to your badass karate, bull-riding, chasing children lifestyle in no time. There are no side effects from hormones, no major risk factors, no remembering to “do” something, no ruining the moment and the cost is minimal compared to other methods. Also—nothing changes other than the worry of the whoops. Vasectomies have no influence on testosterone or sexual function. After approximately two months post procedure, you’re good to go and prior birth control methods can be tossed along with the whoops.

About 500,000 vasectomies are performed in the US annually, and the numbers are growing. Many men are considering vasectomies in Austin as an alternative to the invasive procedure their wives might otherwise undergo, or take lifelong birth control when no longer needed. Moreover, sexual function is unchanged after a vasectomy.

When it comes time to get a vasectomy, the hard work is behind you. The process at Austin Urology Institute is quick, easy, practically painless, and permanent. Our facilities are comfortable and fully-equipped, and our staff is here to guide you through every step.

Dr. Shaw has even performed a vasectomy ON AIR during a KLBJ broadcast!

Failure Rates of Birth Control Methods
No Method: 85% failure rate
Withdrawal: 22% failure rate
Male Condom: 18% failure rate
Pills/Patches/Rings: 9% failure rate
Intrauterine Device (IUD): 0.2-0.8% failure rate
Morning After Pill (Plan B): 12-40% failure rate
Depo Provera Injection: 6% failure rate
Hormonal Implant 0.05% failure rate
Fertility Awareness 25% failure rate
Spermicide: 28% failure rate
Cervical Cap: 12%+ failure rate
Female Condom: 21% failure rate
Diaphragm: 12% failure rate
Sponge: 20-40% failure rate
Tubal Ligation: 0.15% failure rate
Vasectomy: 0.15% failure rate

*Failure rate percentages based off the “average user.”

Interested in learning more about a vasectomy and specifically how it’s performed at Austin Urology Institute?

Check out the vasectomy section on our website for the specifics or make an appointment with a provider at Austin Urology Institute for an in depth discussion by calling 512.694.888.