You Can’t Blame It All on Low-T: Unknown Factors of Low Libido

April 10, 2019

Diet, Sleep, and Lifestyle Affect Your Libido

Homo sapiens were probably not designed to hunch over blue-lit screens, peck incessantly at keyboards, and munch on derivatives of GMO corn while getting by on four or five hours of sleep per night.

Back in the day, our primate ancestors were not concerned with getting to work on time, paying back student loans, and navigating complex social and romantic relationships. There was no doubt a use for our embedded fight-or-flight mechanism when escaping the jaws of a saber-tooth tiger. This could be referred to as “healthy stress”, unless escaping the big cats became a relentless issue.

Stress in the City

Many of us now live in fight-or-flight mode. More than a quaint expression, it’s a term for an actual biochemical reaction that we experience during intense stress. It causes our sympathetic nervous system to release hormones (chiefly cortisol) that cause changes to occur throughout our bodies, including low libido and often, erectile dysfunction. Yep, that’s your penis’s version of taking flight.

Your opportunity to have sex, which could actually relieve stress, just became stressful. How is that fair? It’s not, but there are things you can do about it.

Back to the Roots

If you want to have great sex with your partner, there are some definite dos and dont’s.

First word of advice. R – E – L – A – X. The problem you’re experiencing is a common one, and may just be the wake-up call you need to take proper care of yourself.

If you’ve tried having a few drinks to de-stress and lower your inhibitions, you may have had mixed or poor results. More than modest alcohol consumption is a proven path to poor performance.

Trim the excess. To the extent you can, find ways to do less and sleep more. Binge watching Netflix is not better than 7 or 8 hours of sleep, even if it seems like it at 11 p.m.

Whether you eat vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or are generally omnivorous, strive for quality, non-processed foods. Organic when possible. Steer yourself away from sugar-laden food and drink. And always check ingredients.

Get Active

We all work at computers these days. But, hominids were built to move. We have awesome mechanisms for it. Use them to engage in some form of exercise. You don’t have to bench press. Walk whenever, wherever you can. Join a gym if you’re so inspired, (but know that overtraining can increase cortisol, too). Yoga can help build strength while working magic on a cluttered mind. If you are neglecting things you enjoy doing (besides sex), find time for them.

Science has shown that not all instances of low libido and ED are caused by low testosterone, (Low T). However, if you’re experiencing increased instances of low libido, ED or related issues, it’s best to consult with a professional. AUI’s Men’s Wellness Division is versed in all manner of men’s health, including those that many of us are too embarrassed to talk about. We promise to put you at ease.

One of our Austin urology specialists will recommend any tests that might be indicated, and help you find a solution to what’s ailing your sex life. (When indicated, we offer the best solutions for Low T and hypogonadism, with custom tailored testosterone treatment).

Doesn’t that sound worth it?