San Antonio Vasectomy

May 16, 2016

Recently we had a few patients drive up from San Antonio to have their vasectomy performed with us in Austin.  Why drive 90 minutes up the street to have your vasectomy done?  For starters, we offer a cash-price for our Vasectomy that allows many men and their families to choose this convenient form of birth control.  We realize that although for most individuals with insurance, that vasectomies are 100% covered under policy, this is not the case for many.  For those people, we want to make having a vasectomy performed as easy as possible.  We offer convenient Friday, as well Saturday Vasectomy clinics which make having your vasectomy easier than ever.

In the case of our patients from San Antonio, they found that the drive was super easy on a Saturday, and they were in and out within 30 minutes.  The several hundred dollar savings made the decision easier than ever!

See more information on our Vasectomy Services here. 

Your best San Antonio Vasectomy is just down the road in Austin!


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