Top Kidney Cancer Questions Answered

May 26, 2014

What are the most common symptoms of kidney cancer?

Kidney cancer does not typically present with symptoms unless it is in a later or more advanced stage. At this time, usual symptoms include back pain (unilateral), abdominal pain, and/or blood in the urine.

How is kidney cancer diagnosed?

Many kidney tumors are diagnosed incidentally on imaging, meaning it was caught on an imaging study when trying to diagnose another problem. If a kidney cancer is suspected, we will typically order a CT scan with and without contrast. This imaging study will allow us to see where the tumor is located, the size, and if there is any extension seen. Unfortunately there is no blood or urine test that directly detects the presence of kidney cancer. Biopsy is usually not indicated because more than 80 percent of solid kidney tumors are cancer and biopsies have a risk of inaccurate results.

Where can I get kidney cancer treatment in the Austin area?

Dr. Koushik Shaw of the Austin Urology Institute is experienced in the latest technologies and cutting edge treatments available to operate on kidney cancer. If you live in the San Marcos, Bastrop, Fredericksburg, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Kyle, Pflugerville or North Austin areas, schedule a visit with us by calling 512-694-8888.


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