Don’t Get a Vasectomy Before Doing This

November 28, 2019

Vasectomies are a common, easy and practical approach to contraception. One, that has a 99.85% success rate. A vasectomy is performed in our Austin location as a 15-minute procedure with very little need to prep, minimal recovery time and very few risks. While it is considered a permanent form of contraception, we offer vasectomy reversals if you change your mind down the road.

Couples typically come to the conclusion that it’s “time” for a vasectomy when they agree that they no longer wish to conceive due to one reason or another (age, finances, health risks). Other patients at the Austin Urology Institute who choose to get a vasectomy do so because they prefer it over birth control pills, patches, and condoms. But whatever your reason is, you’re going to need to do something before going through with it.

The Discussion

A vasectomy is a joint decision when you’re in a partnership. Risks and benefits of the procedure and the agreement that conceiving is no longer of interest are both important. So if you’re considering a vasectomy, whether it’s at our Austin location or elsewhere, a discussion must be had. Whether it’s you as a man who feels this way, or a wife who wants to talk about it, you are both along for the same journey.

During a consultation regarding a vasectomy, it’s encouraged that both partners attend in order to understand how the procedure works. This also ensures that both of you are clear on post-procedure instructions and agree that, as a couple, this is how you both wish to proceed. After all, who’s the one that’s going to be bringing you ice packs for the next week or so?

After the consultation, literature is provided reiterating everything that was discussed during the visit. A big decision like this always feels better when it’s mutual. If either partner has questions, you can always contact us.