What Are My BPH Treatment Options?

April 20, 2021

Have you heard about the UroLift procedure to treat your BPH symptoms?

No? Well, you aren’t alone. Seventy-five percent of men reported that their doctor had never mentioned the UroLift procedure when discussing BPH treatment.

At Austin Urology Institute, our providers insure that all options to treat BPH, both medical and surgical, are discussed. UroLift is one of them.

UroLift has become the surgical treatment option of choice for most urologists. It works by implanting small “stents” that lift and hold the enlarged prostate tissue so it no longer blocks the urethra. It does not require heating, cutting, or removal of the prostate tissue. The procedure takes under 30 minutes and is performed using local anesthesia in a physician’s office. Research has demonstrated that after one month approximately 80% of men that had the Urolift procedure performed described their BPH symptoms as “much” or “very much better.” Also, 89% said they would recommend the procedure.

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