What’s the Big Deal About Water? Part II

April 6, 2021

Did you miss “What’s the Big Deal About Water? Part I?” If so, scroll on back and start there for some interesting information and fun facts before you dive into Part II!

It is essential for the body to get the recommended amount of water each day. Those who are more sedentary should drink a minimum of two plus liters (women) or three plus liters (men) of water per day, while those who are more active will need to increase the amount to keep their bodies functioning well. Why? Here are four reasons that you should take hydration seriously:

1. Beats back fatigue and increases energy –  water delivers nutrients to the cells, including muscle cells, which helps fight fatigue.

2. Aids weight loss – water helps to increase the sensation of fullness without a calorie hit. This can be an important factor in maintaining or losing weight.

3. Detoxifies the body – water moves toxins through the system faster and optimizes kidney function. It also helps move the digestive process along.

4. Prevents aging – water is one of the best defenses against aging and wrinkles in skin.

So, how can one get two to three liters of water in a day? Here are a few tips:

-Try no calorie flavored waters.
-Try adding in some no calorie sparkling water.
-Keep water nearby! Make sure water is within view or in places you most frequent.
-Set a reminder/alarm on your phone to drink a glass of water throughout the day.
-Use a water bottle that can help you track your daily intake. Or, use specific water bottles at certain times of the day routinely to keep you on track.
-Drink one glass of water after every trip to the bathroom and before every meal.
-Use a water tracker app on your phone.

Most of all, keep working towards your daily water goal and get creative to find ways to stay motivated and mindful.