When to Get a Prostate Exam

March 12, 2014

We at Austin Urology Institute get a lot of questions about when it’s appropriate and effective to get a prostate exam, and when a prostate biopsy is ordered after that. Here are the general guidelines:

When do I need a prostate exam?

Prostate exams (along with PSA blood test) are part of prostate cancer screening. The new guidelines recommend that men between the ages of 55-70 get tested every two years. If you are African-American or have a family history of prostate cancer, yearly testing is recommended at the age of 40.

When do I need a prostate biopsy?

A prostate biopsy may be recommended by your doctor if he/she is suspects that you may be at risk for prostate cancer. These risk factors typically include a mass felt on the prostate exam, or a rise in PSA (a blood test for prostate cancer screening).


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