Wimberley Man Donates Kidney to Stranger with the Help of Dr. Shaw

February 15, 2023

Urologist Dr. Koushik Shaw of Austin Urology Institute recently facilitated a life-saving kidney transplant between a Wimberley man and recipient he had never met in his life. Here’s the story from Fox 7:

The transplant recipient had been on the waiting list for a kidney for several years and was in desperate need of a donor. Fortunately, Tom Duncan stepped forward to donate one of his kidneys.

Dr. Shaw and his team at Austin Urology Institute were able to provide the necessary medical expertise and resources to perform the transplant surgery and ensure its success. Thanks to their efforts, the recipient is now on the road to recovery and is expected to have a much-improved quality of life.

Tom’s generosity and spirit are an inspiration to us all. As Dr. Shaw put it, “”It’s really wonderful to know that there are people like this, that are out there, that are willing to help others and in many cases they’ll never meet.”