Women and Urology??!!

March 10, 2021

This week includes International Women’s Day on March 8th!

So how do women fit into the urology specialty?

Most think of urology as specific to men and men’s health. However, urology plays a big part in the health of all women, as well. Urologists aren’t just for men! And men aren’t just urologists. Many urology practices employ female providers that treat both men and women diagnosing and treating common urological concerns.

Although men and women both experience urinary tract infections, urinary frequency and urgency, kidney stones, bladder control problems and some cancers of the urinary tract– women have specific urological needs that can be exacerbated by pregnancy, childbirth, menopause or gynecological surgeries.

The specialty of urology addresses the urinary tract more specifically than gynecology and often a gynecologist may refer a woman to a urologist for more specific care. And there is even more specific specialty out there that addresses women’s urology AND gynecology issues– urogynecology! Often a urologist will refer a woman to a urogyencologist if needed for more specialty or surgical care.

Austin Urology Institute has both male and female providers allowing patients to schedule a consultation with whoever fits their comfort level. Also, Austin Urology Institute is partnered with Dr. George Shashoua at Austin Urogynecology who has been a pioneer in the treatment of urogynecology conditions focusing solely on female pelvic reconstructive surgery.

If interested in a consultation with Austin Urology Institute or Austin Urogynecology due to a urological concern, call 512.694.8888 or 512.973.8276.