Women’s Health and Urology

May 1, 2021

May is Women’s Health Month!

So just how does women’s health and urology fit together? There are many different urologic conditions that can impact a woman’s health, as well as various other health conditions that affect women that can have an impact on their urologic health. Oftentimes, when a women’s gynecologist or primary care doctor notes a urologic concern, a referral to a urologist is made.

Women can be affected by different types of incontinence (stress incontinence, urge incontinence) due to age and prior pregnancies. They can also suffer from chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs) throughout their lifetime and most often after menopause.

Also, kidney stones aren’t selective to men! Although the risk of stones is about 11% in men, women aren’t far behind with a 9% risk.

Overactive bladder, urinary pain, bladder and kidney cancer are all conditions that some women face and urologists treat.

Women are often hesitant to seek urologic care as they view the specialty as a “men’s health specialty.” However, urology practices often treat female patients with common urinary tract conditions.

Austin Urology Institute has also launched a Women’s Health Clinic that focuses on bioidentical hormone treatment, evaluation of low libido, pre/post menopausal symptoms and other medical issues more specific to women’s health.

And, at Austin Urology Institute, both male and female providers are available, allowing for women to chose a provider they may feel most comfortable with.

If you have any urologic concerns and would like to be evaluated, please contact Austin Urology Institute by calling 512.694.8888 or submitting a contact form to schedule a consultation with any provider.