Women’s Health Month: May Challenge Week Three

May 17, 2021

It’s Women’s Health Month! 

The American Urological Association and the Urology Care Foundation have challenged women to commit to making choices that are not only great for their overall health, but that are especially great for women’s urologic health!

And men, just so you know, these challenges are not just for women! They apply to you too, so join us!

Austin Urology Institute is accepting the challenge!

This month, there are four weekly “Get Up and Go” challenges to improve your urologic health. Each week, we will post a blog with your weekly challenge. Here’s your challenge for week three! You are almost done!

Get Up and Go, Week Three: Get up and Go for a Walk!

Aim for 30 minutes of walking a day. Why?

Other than physical activity being great for your total health and wellness in addition to your mental health, it can also help prevent bladder problems.

Maintaining a health weight keeps added abdominal pressure from pushing down on the bladder, which helps keep the bladder healthy and prevents common urinary conditions!

Difficulty finding the time to fit in 30 minutes of walking a day? A few tips:

-Break up that 30 minutes into smaller increments throughout the day. Instead of walking for a full 30 minutes at once, aim for three 10 minute walks throughout the day.
-Use an app that tracks your “steps.” Step count and mileage will vary for every one when measuring thirty minutes of walking according to speed, fitness level, and age. Instead of focusing on steps or mileage, focus on time: 30 minutes.
-Set an alarm on your phone as a reminder to get up and go!
-Make that 30 minutes of walking time a priority. Build your day around it.
-Music, podcasts, books on tapes, visits with friends, walking the dog, nature walks/hikes are all great ways to keep the walking going when it feels like a drag.

Tune in next week for the Week Four challenge, and be sure to contact us if you are experiencing any urological issues!