Men’s Health Clinics: What You Need to Know

June 28, 2021

You’ve seen them all over town, heard the ads on the radio or read them in the paper. The new trend is “Men’s Health Clinics” in Austin and across the country pitching solutions for popular men’s health conditions often specifically directed at erectile dysfunction and low testosterone.

Some of these clinics function as a primary care office, as well, meaning they treat men comprehensively – focusing on both general health and sexual health.

Some do not.

So how do you tell the difference and why does it matter? the clinic is all about slick marketing tactics and founded or overseen by people that are not in the medical field or are not men’s health experts, then be wary. Oftentimes they will offer fast fixes, the newest treatments and supplements sold by the clinic that don’t have much if any research backing effectiveness.

If the treatments are not studied with long term results and are considered “experimental” then it’s likely you are being targeted by marketing and not medicine. Look for reputable associations that back research based treatments like: Sexual Medicine Society of North America and the American Urology Association.

Testosterone and ED treatment is multifaceted, and requires true clinicians in a men’s sexual health clinic. Many of the medical providers at a “Men’s Health Clinic” don’t provide appropriate follow up care for testosterone management or ED– which is vitally important to safe and effective practice. Additionally, a good clinic will evaluate you for the cause of the problem, treat you only if you are having symptoms and will offer all delivery systems of testosterone.

Want options for men’s health treatment including ED and testosterone other than a “Men’s Health Clinic” that are truly reputable? Go see a urologist.

A urologist is a medical doctor that has specialized training to diagnose and treat (both medically and surgically) any conditions that involve the genitourinary tract. This includes low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, prostate issues, fertility and urinary issues. They also treat urinary conditions in women!

Beyond their four years of medical school, urologists spend at least five or more years receiving specialized training focused on the urinary tract. They are board certified by the American Board of Urology.

Austin Urology Institute provides care that is backed by research and has known long term results. Although some treatment options are cutting edge in the Austin area and only found at Austin Urology Institute, they are not treatments that are considered “experimental.”

Dr. Koushik Shaw completed his undergraduate and graduate studies with the world’s foremost scholars in medicine at Boston University. In 1994, he was fortunate enough to work with Dr. Irwin Goldstein, one of the original investigators for a little blue pill that eventually was called Viagra®. Dr. Goldstein took Dr. Shaw under his wing, and the rest is history.

Interested in comprehensive men’s health care at a reputable urology clinic? Contact Austin Urology Institute at 512.694.8888 to schedule a consultation with a provider.