How To Find The Best Urologist (You’ve Found Us!)

May 12, 2022

Quality care from compassionate professionals can be difficult to find. From the humdrum office hallway to the waiting room, it is easy sometimes to feel as though your doctor sees you as just another patient. However, for the best urologist in Austin, this is far from the case. Dr. Shaw and the team at Austin Urology Insitute provide nationally renowned care at state-of-the-art locations all across Central Texas. The urologists at AUI don’t just handle all the problems associated with urological health. At AUI, our expert team of urologists is specialized and well prepared to treat a wide variety of urinary issues that can involve the kidneys, bladder, prostate, genitalia, and pelvic organs. We are also well-equipped to tackle the uncomfortable but necessary conversation surrounding ED and it’s various treatment options. At AUI, we see and treat multiple conditions such as (but not limited to) erectile dysfunction, kidney stones, prostate, bladder, kidney, cancers, infertility, low testosterone, and urinary leakage. If you are in the need of the snip, we also perform vasectomies!  As with other types of specialty medical expertise, quality urological care can be difficult to find. If you are in Texas and find yourself Googling “Austin Urologist” or “Best Urologist Austin Texas”, you can stop your searching! You have come to the right place.

What should you look for when selecting your urologist? At AUI, our area of expertise spans a variety of different medical issues. In addition to asking if your urologist or urologic surgeon is board-certified, it is important to also ask about their experience in treating different areas, as they may specialize in certain aspects of urology. If you are seeking a urologist for prostate issues, it is prudent to ask if they are familiar with or comfortable treating patients for prostate-related problems. The same question should be asked for other issues. At AUI, our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the realm of prostate health. In addition to asking about your urologist’s qualifications, it is oftentimes helpful to read or hear about reviews from other patients or people close to you who may have seen the urologist you have in mind. Our team of caring professionals at AUI is here to provide you with an unparalleled level of care. While the decision to choose a urologist should not be made solely on yelp or google reviews, it is definitely important as reviews can provide you with a good idea of a urologist’s bedside manner and quality of care. Similarly, the presence of awards or accolades may highlight certain strong suits of a urologist’s practice and areas of expertise. Dr. Koushik Shaw at Austin Urology Institute is a highly acclaimed, board-certified, and well-established urologist serving the Greater Austin community. In addition to providing excellent and responsive patient care, they also stay up to date on the latest technological advancements and techniques within the urology specialty. In addition to our providers, our top-notch and responsive medical staff provide the backbone to a highly responsive and patient-oriented experience. When looking for the urology team that meets your needs, the first step is to reach out and start the conversation! Schedule your consultation with Austin Urology Institute today!