How to Prep for a Urologist Visit

June 9, 2021

Urologist visits are similar to your regular doctor appointments, but because it is focused on the urinary tract– there may be a few new things to expect. A visit to the best urology clinic in Austin doesn’t have to be daunting. Keep a few pro tips in mind before you go to get you prepped.

-Come with a FULL bladder!
It is a standard practice to provide a urine sample at your Austin urologist appointment, so try to wait to use the restroom once you’ve reached the office.

-Bring your medications!
In order to treat any patient best, it’s important to know about their medical history. This includes any medications you are taking. Bring a full list of medications including over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, supplements, and prescriptions.

-Expect an exam
No matter what the reason might be for visiting our office, most often an exam will be performed. This includes listening to your heart, lungs, pressing on your abdomen and back. Also, during this exam, the urinary tract system will be examined, and if there are issues with the bladder, vagina, scrotum, penis or testicles, those will be examined as well. A digital rectal exam may become necessary when assessing the prostate.

Depending on your condition, other possible tests or examinations may include: blood tests, imaging, and minimally invasive procedures such as a bladder scan, prostate ultrasound, cystoscopy or urocuff which might be performed at another time.

If you need care for any urologic condition, contact Austin Urology Institute for a consultation with any provider at 512-694-8888.